In a healthy organization, happy and engaged people give their best.

What makes an organization ‘healthy’? What can an organization do to encourage its employees’ engagement? How to increase efficiency and pursue goals? Do your employees just turn up at the office/plant every morning? How to transform working into something more than just a paid activity?

The organizational health survey is based on the best practices of successful and well-functioning organizations. We use a scientific approach in our methodology which is based on the idea that a healthy organization is one that can efficiently meet clients’ expectations, be innovative and flexible, while taking care of its employees’ engagement and happiness at work.

The methodology consists of two parts:

1) Organizational health characteristics – content topics that deal with best practices in the functioning of organizations;

2) General organizational health indicators, i.e. general indicators that give an idea of the general attitudes, commitment or general well-being, satisfaction of the employees and general stances towards the organization.

To conduct a survey:

we familiarize ourselves with the background of your organization and its management structure;
we adjust the method to cover topics that are relevant specifically to you;
we help communicate the survey to your people;
we draft reports for every unit level to support the multi-level development of your organization;
we present the results of the survey, help map development priorities and strategies to approach them, as well as plan follow-up activities.

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