You have several similar candidates or just a gut feeling that you would like to test? Or you’ve got a team whose duties you wish to rearrange?

Our assessment tools help measure the features that you cannot see at the interview or from CV. Assessment increases selection quality, as well as saves you money and time.

We recommend using our assessment service if you need more information in such situations but you lack the measures, skills or time. We assess and test people every day, and will be happy to do it for you. Each test taker will also get feedback from us. At the end of the project, we’ll give you a detailed interview of the results, tips and advice, and answer all the questions you may have.

In assessment, we use the tests developed by Tripod, based on recognized international methods and using local norm groups collected in each of the three Baltic States. That is, the tests are not adaptations but specifically oriented to Baltic users, which makes them unique among other tools used on the market.

The tests can be taken and the results retrieve in fine languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, English, and Estonian.

In the assessment process we’ll:

  • learn about you and your needs;
  • pick the most appropriate measures;
  • contact the candidates and guide them through tests;
  • give each test taker an overview of their individual results;
  • discuss with you as the customer the strengths and risks related to each participant.

Our measures will benefit you if you need:

  • to assess the candidates for your vacancy;
  • to assess your own employees to make some changes;
  • to select people for a talent or management programme, for example;
  • to explore the management potential of your existing employees for potential promotion;
  • to help people identify their strengths, abilities and talents.
  • We also conduct structured interviews to find out people’s motivation, career interests and values.

Do you want to learn how to independently assess candidates with Tripod tests? We invite you to obtain a license through a 2.5-day training. Registration for the training

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