All employers have their own image that impact the decision of potential employees to choose their company or not. To properly shape your employer branding, it is important to have an Employer Value Proposition focused on internal and external talent groups.

An Employee Value Proposition is a unique set of proposals, values, and associations about a company that positively influence a potential employee to choose a particular employer.

The People Link team is ready to explore your current image as an employer and work with marketers to formulate steps to attract the best market talent to your company.

Labor market is currently full of challenges and changes as never before. Thus, we seek to make our clients‘ recruitment process easier and suggest a service that was built based on our long year experience in Talent Acquisiton.

The service consists of several parts:

-People Link team will assess your Employer image and together with marketing specialists, shape your company‘s brand to attract the brightest talents to your company.

  • Experienced recruitment specialists will analyze your recruitment process and determine how to optimize it.
  • For the successful adaptation of new employees, we suggest to review the employee onboarding process and improve it by adapting innovative practices.
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