Would you like to change jobs, but wonder where to start? Are you having difficulty finding a job or your first CV did not bring the expected result?

People Link career consultants can help you prepare properly for a new career step and achieve long-term career goals through personalized career coaching.

With People Link career coaching you will:

  • refine the career path and opportunities, as well as concrete steps to achieve career goals;
  • analyze your strengths and get recommendations on how to further develop your skills and competencies to systematically achieve your goals;
  • receive advice and assistance in creating representative CV and Linkedin profile, and prepare to present yourself to the job market while creating a strong impression during the job interview.

We offer two types (A, B) of career services:


Longterm-career coaching this service is recommended for those who want to reskill, change their industry or job function, as well as to those who are not sure about what their next career step should be:

  • The coaching consists of 3 meetings with a Career Consultant. You will get a home-work before every meeting that will help you better understand your personality (you’ll be assessed by a psychometric personality test) and employee. You’ll also be able to better define a number of your potential future career goals.
  • During the sessions with a Career Consultant you will be advised on your chances to pursue the chosen career paths based on your personality and work experience. A Consultant will give you market overview, including salaries and advice on potential further steps in achieving your goals.

Longterm-career coaching  – €380 (VAT included)


Employment Coaching is the most suitable career coaching service for those who are looking for a career change and already know what they want to do next, and their aim is to appropriately present themselves to the job market and potential employer.

It’s a 1.5 hour session with a Career Consultant. Before the session you will be given a home-work to better understand yourself as a personality and professional, as well as define a number of your potential career goals.

During the session, a Career Consultant will advice you on your chosen career goals and give you a market overview related to them. You’ll also be advised on how to prepare your CV/Linkedin profile and what to do next to pursue your career goals.

Employment Coaching – € 260 (VAT included)

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