A professionally selected selection process determines the success of your company and the continuous growth of the productivity curve. Therefore, the search for employees by specialists becomes one of the most important factors to ensure the systematic improvement of the company’s operations. Professional appraisal of employees through an advanced personality and mental ability appraisal system is one of the best ways to find out which candidate is worth choosing and who will not only be able to perform the assigned tasks, but also easily integrate into the team, he will have an acceptable company culture.

Employee Well-being Management and Burnout Prevention

Well-being management in organizations is an innovative and relevant topic in organizations. In today’s world, an increasingly important organizational culture for employee motivation is becoming increasingly difficult to define without employee well-being.

As the role of the well-being manager is still very rare in Lithuania, we offer our clients a solution for welfare management services. Well-being management includes auditing the well-being of employees and developing a well-being strategy.

Benefits of welfare management for the organization:

  • Overall employee satisfaction is increasing, and with it the employer’s value proposition for future candidates. Most candidates in the selection express a desire to work in a company where employees feel good, the employer shows a person orientation
  • Increases employee loyalty through commitment to the organization, contributes to employee change management
  • Employee productivity increases, resulting in faster quality results
  • Reduces employee absenteeism or time spent inefficiently
  • Better employee-management relationships are encouraged
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