People Link is not only a team of HR consultants but also a community of responsible conscious people, with whom we create a more sustainable world together. In our everyday work and decision-making, we rely on our values and constantly ask ourselves how this will affect our customers, candidates, employees, suppliers, various communities, wider society and environment.

Starting with small things like recycling, Christmas gifts budget allocation to NGOs, and the basic principles of respect and transparency, we have now identified 6 sustainability fields that we take care of and commit to creating the friendliest possible impact on our environment and surroundings.

Employee Wellbeing – to support this field, we not only have a Wellbeing Manager but also a whole team of Wellbeing Angels (our employees who are volunteers), dedicating time and energy to create the best possible value-based employee experience in our organization and beyond. Some examples of our projects: the prevention of employee burnout; a Mum Buddy system for integrating mothers who have returned from maternity leave; a system of professional and personal growth based on coaching principles and other initiatives.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – we educate ourselves and those around us about the possibilities of diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging in organization. Our transparent and non-discriminatory candidate evaluation, as well as psychological background of our consultants help to apply DEIB principles in our every day work. We actively participate in women’s integration and empowerment programs, partnering with organisations such as Women Go Tech, Lyderė, WOW University, etc.

Environmental Sustainability – responding to the growing problems of climate change and waste, we try to as much as possible less footprint in our every day work and life as possible. We support circular economy and green energy companies with a special pricing; we planted 600 trees in 2022 for every successfully completed recruitment and HR consulting project; and we constantly think about the environmental impact on even small things, such as choosing suppliers, buying gifts for employees or customers, etc.

Growing Community – we care not only about direct clients- employers, but also about the candidates, so we engage in various activities, such as career guidance training for high school and university students; education on job search and career orienteering for those who have lost their jobs via a newsletter and on the PlanC Facebook group.

Sustainable Business and Economy – it is important for us to contribute to the improvement of the Lithuanian economy and competitiveness, therefore we undertake to develop our business based on transparency and the creation of added value for the communities directly or indirectly related to our business.

Social Responsibility – we regularly provide support and various pro bono services to organizations that contribute to the social, cultural and economic well-being of our country and the world. We are happy to help organizations such as:

  • SOS Children’s villages – which cares for children growing up without parents and abandoned
  • Association Lyderė – which solves the issues of gender equality at the systemic and political level
  • Women Go Tech – which encourages women to retrain in technological specialties
  • Kino pavasaris – which educates the general public on social issues in the form of films

Also, we constantly support organizations that help Ukrainian soldiers and citizens:

  • Blue Yellow
  • Red cross
  • Association Lygiai – we contributed to the installation of a mobile gynecology clinic
  • VšĮ Pagalba Ukrainai
  • VšĮ Stiprūs kartu
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