1. I sent a CV but no one contacted me. What does this mean?

The consultants contact candidates whose experience meets the requirements of the company they represent. Unfortunately, candidates who do not advance to the next selection stages will not be notified. In any case, thank you for your interest in the selection and we recommend following the open positions on our site “Job postings” and apply.

2. Interesting selection process, how many stages?

First, the People Link consultant will invite you to an interview (usually online), during which they will tell you about the selection, answer any questions you may have and ask questions about your experience. In case of success, a conversation with the representatives of the company you are applying for would follow. If you continue to participate in the selection by mutual agreement, it is likely that the company will have a practical assignment or offer you Tripod tests. Also, at the request of clients, with the consent of the candidate, we contact former employers or colleagues to receive recommendations.

3. What if I don’t get feedback within the time agreed with the consultant?

The experience of the candidates is very important to us, so we make every effort to inform every candidate who has been involved in the process. However, if you have not received feedback, please contact the consultant you have contacted or the People Link administration info@peoplelink.lt.

4. How to prepare for an interview?

Nowadays, when most of the conversations take place online, proper self-presentation is still very important. We recommend warning your householders that you will join the conversation, in which case you are less likely to be disturbed. An orderly environment and self-representation, interest in the company and the position you are applying to are also very important. Also, we recommend that you take note of any issues you may have during the interview.

5. What Are Tripod Tests And Who Needs Them?

Tests we perform: personality (unlimited time, 199 statements that describe people’s various actions, thoughts and feelings), mental ability (consists of 48 tasks with up to 40 minutes), speed and accuracy of visual information perception (consisting of 150 pairs of characters, the test takes 10 minutes to complete) and a spatial ability test (consisting of 48 tasks that will take 52 minutes to complete). The tests assess the candidate’s skills and can reveal potential not discussed during the interview, and the personality test helps to understand who the person will join the team in case of success and prepare for his / her arrival.

6. Why do job postings in selection companies not always show company names?

Both companies with TOP employer status and lesser-known or small companies choose to publish confidential advertisements (without the company name). Often, companies decide not to publish job postings with the company name because new / open positions have not yet been communicated within the company. Also, confidential job advertisements help candidates not to get a first impression only by the name of the company, encourage them to pay more attention to the description of the position and responsibilities, applied in accordance with the position outside the company’s image in the market.

7. What happens to my personal information when I send my resume to a selection company?

When you apply for a job position, your personal data is NOT automatically stored in our database. Your application gives us the opportunity to contact you about the specific job position you are applying for – we discuss the open position in detail and only if you wish to participate in the next selection stages we ask you to keep your personal contact details (name, contact details and CV) in your database so that we can maintain communication throughout the selection process. This contact information is also stored when you express a wish to receive information from us about future job offers that match your experience and competence.

8. What are the benefits of looking for a job with a recruitment agency?

Recruitment companies represent many different businesses and often have at least several similar open positions at the same time, so if you are interested in more than one of our offers, participating in the selection can help you: 1) save time and hear about different companies in one meeting positions and expectations; 2) receive detailed information about different companies as well as about different positions and the insights / recommendations of an experienced consultant which job offers best meet your expectations, experience and competencies; 3) After the interview with the consultant, if you want to store your contact details in our database, you have the opportunity to receive the most suitable job offers for you in the future, which meet the expectations discussed during the interview.

9. Will the selection company tell you all the facts about the job (pros and cons)?

The purpose of the selection consultant is to represent the company in a transparent and open manner, including both the advantages and disadvantages, and to communicate this to you. However, a selection consultant is not an employee working directly for the employer’s company and is therefore dependent on managers who describe both the position and the company. If you have any questions during the selection process that the selection consultant will not be able to answer during the selection process, he / she will work with your employer to find out and provide you with detailed answers.

10. What can I do to improve my resume?

We invite you to read the article by my colleague Deimante, in which she shares the best tips for writing a CV: https://peoplelink.lt/naujaykos-cv-rasymo-tendencijos/ . Our consultants often read reports on various topics – about CV, LinkedIn profile creation, participation in job interviews, therefore we recommend following us on your Facebook account to follow the news.

11. What are the responsibilities of a selection consultant?

The main objectives of the selection consultant are: 1) to present in detail the represented company and position; 2) have a thorough understanding of your experience, motivation and career expectations; 3) to find a solution that satisfies both the candidate and the company by recommending the company to get acquainted with the candidates that best meet their expectations and helping the candidates to understand the extent to which the position meets their long-term goals.

12. I want the selection company to add me to its database to get job offers. How best to do this?

Send your updated CV to info@peoplelink.lt. However, even after including your CV in the database, we recommend that you take an active interest in job advertisements and apply to specific positions that interest you.

13. I see an ad on multiple job search platforms through which to best submit my resume?

We place job postings on multiple portals to reach a wider audience. Both through different databases and directly via email. CV sent by e-mail are treated equally, so you can choose the method that is most convenient for you.

14. I have already sent my CV to this company and am interested in another suggestion to send a CV again?

By showing an interest in a specific job position, you will show your motivation to participate in the selection process and thus increase the chances that the selection consultant will contact you. If you have had an interview with our consultants, you can confidently mention this in the letter.

15. I participated in the selection, told me I would get in touch with other offers, but hadn’t contacted yet. Why?

We will contact you with job offers if we see a match between the company and your expectations and experience. However, it is worth remembering that the databases are quite extensive, so if you are interested in a specific job offer, it is always recommended to resend your CV, thus expressing your motivation to participate in a specific selection.

16. What do selection companies do?

Selection companies provide the following services: 1) for candidates – successful career counseling, job search counseling, 2) for business – services for search and selection of employees, evaluation of employees and candidates, facilitation of the recruitment process. Selection companies represent the interests of both the employer and the candidate and help to find mutually satisfactory solutions.

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