Tests for managers – personality & mental capability

Several studies have established that managers differ from the general population by a specific personality profile (Sangster, 2011)[1] and that successful performance in more complicated tasks requires a higher level of mental abilities (Schmidt & Hunter, 2004)[2].

The managers’ tests developed by Tripod are intended specifically for assessing managers. The results are generated in comparison with successful managers in the Baltic States. The tests are also suitable for assessing managerial potential in candidates who have no previous experience as a manager.

The Managers’ Personality Inventory measures five essential characteristics (emotional stability, general activity, relationship orientation, activity orientation, and general responsiveness) as well as ten other traits that are important for managers based on studies.

The Managers’ Mental Ability Scale measures comprehension of verbal and numerical information, logical and spatial thinking as well as the general mental abilities.

[1] Sangster, A. (2011). The personality profile of US top executives. Chapter in the The Handbook of Research on Top Management Teams. Ed. M. Carpenter. Edward Elgar Publishing.

[2] Schmidt, F.L. & Hunter, J. (2004). General Mental Ability in the World of Work: Occupational Attainment and Job Performance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86, 162–173.

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