We have been cooperating with the Peoplelink team for many years and together we have implemented a number of significant projects for the development and strengthening of the team. What I appreciate most about this partnership is that Peoplelink is not only a partner in the path of everyday business challenges, but also consultants full of ideas, preparing for future challenges – always open to sharing insights, research and suggestions. Thank you for that!

Toma Juciūtė, Head of People
Toma Juciūtė, Head of People „SWECO“

Peoplelink has helped PayRay Bank in hiring more than 35 highly skilled employees, across all the divisions of the Bank. Although operating in a highly difficult and competitive environment, Peoplelink has always demonstrated to be pro-active, skilled and of having a strong knowledge of the market: they always delivered. PayRay is very happy to have chosen Peoplelink as its strategic HR partner and can only wish the brightest of the future to its team and especially to its CEO and founding Partner Jurgita. Ad maiora!

Renato La Fienza, CEO
Renato La Fienza, CEO „PayRay“

LIGHT CONVERSION thanks the PeopleLink team for their professionalism and understanding of the very specific needs of us, the laser manufacturers. We are very demanding and set high standards – PeopleLink did not call their professionalism into question. We have been cooperating with PeopleLink for several years and we are very pleased with the results of the partnership. One of the special features of the PeolpeLink team is the quick response to change. All this helps LIGHT CONVERSION meet the challenges of hiring professionals and contributes to the growth of the company.

Agnė Lisauskienė, Head of HR
Agnė Lisauskienė, Head of HR „Light Conversion“

Working together, we enjoy not only our growing teams, but also the partnership – the relationship that the PeopleLink team focuses on building, the readiness to take on challenges with us, the openness to finding solutions and the smooth process.

Rūta Petrulytė, HR Manager
Rūta Petrulytė, HR Manager „Omniva“

Regular communication between the selection specialists, constant feedback, and listening to our expectations as customers are the reasons for a successful cooperation and a great warm relationship. We have repeatedly become convinced of the high level of competence, business and market knowledge of the selection consultants, which helps to determine the optimal candidate’s profile before the selection and to understand our offer as an Employer.

Natalja Kudina, People and Organization Development Manager
Natalja Kudina, People and Organization Development Manager „Alma Littera grupė“
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